Pumping and Water Delivery

Chernco manufactures a large range of Water Supply equipment.


Chernco has designed and manufactured the UD Positive Displacement Pump, which is a revolution in Agricultural, windmill and positive displacement pumping applications.

It is revolutionary in its use of materials and particularly use of a honed stainless steel barrel and acetal fixings.  This pump is distributed throughout Australia by Southern Cross Tyco and has been a great success, and is one of our proud examples of our Chernco design and manufacturing processes, utilising an existing Customer to form our Marketing & sales distribution system.


Chernco manufactures a large range of galvanised welded steel pipe fittings for industrial and agricultural customers.

This involves us robotically welding flanges to butt weld fittings, to form a complete range of SGP and standard weight prefabricated butt weld fittings. Range covers elbows, reducing elbows, reducers and tees in fixed and loose flange.  This product range is distributed by AAP Industries.

Chernco can custom make stainless pipe fittings to your specification upon request.


Chernco also manufactures a range of Stainless Foot Valves suitable for the agricultural and industrial pumping environments.  They feature a full 304 stainless steel construction with a quick release mechanism to drain the valve line.
Sizes range in 4 inch to 8 inch. 10 and 12 inch available on application and specification.