Engineering & Design

Whether you just have a concept and require design and manufacture, or you have a design that you would simply like to improve and make more cost effective to manufacture, Chernco’s team of skilled and dedicated staff are there to help.

Fabricated hand rail

Our team will see your project through every stage of the process, regardless of how big or small your project may be. Examples of our capacities include the design, manufacture, installation and commissioning of Australia’s most technologically advanced Chaff Mill.  Successfully reduced manufacturing costs after redesigning and manufacturing the Golden Valley Disc Opener, a product awarded The Land Farmer Modified Machine Award. Industrial projects such as the manufacture and installation of Hand Rail at Government based projects, and the design and manufacture of the Crockwell Walkover Bridge.

Drafting Service & Computer Aided Design (CAD)

Chernco Engineering offers our customers with an efficient, cost effective, accurate solution for their Drafting requirements. Our own ‘in house’ drafts people are able to convert your blue prints or mud maps to engineering drawings. We are able to provide 2D CAD and 3D CAD drawings, as well as 3D models for all engineering drawings. We also have the ability to draw moulds, press dies and other mechanical parts and fully test on the computer via simulation software. The advantage is that items are fully tested and potential problems rectified before production is started, which results in drastically shorter turnarounds and radically enhanced accuracy.

We can offer our Drafting Service & Computer Aided Design (CAD) as a standalone service, or can be incorporated free to our customers who utilise our manufacturing and fabrication services.

We have experts in FEA Analysis (Finite Element Analysis) which enables us to design and modify products to best suit their purpose.  Products are manufactured according to strength where needed, therefore increasing life span and decreasing cost of our engineering.  This method of product design and testing is far superior to the manufacturing costs which would accrue if each sample was actually built and tested.


(click on the link below to open simulation of the Crookwell Bridge Walkover project)